Welcome at Stavn Camping

The small cosy camp-site lies splendid situated in the woody surroundings of Stavn (Flå), approx. 350 meters from national highway 7 between the mountans and Hallingdalselva. Stavn Camping is a good starting-point for activities and enjoying the peace of nature. Stavn Camping is the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday, far away from all stress and fuss of daily living. Stavn Camping is an ideal stop for when you come into Norway or when you are leaving Norway, because the camp-site lies on approx. 2.5 hour drive from Oslo. The camp-site has been situated direct along the bicycle-tour Oslo - Bergen and for the cyclist a good place for stay the night after a visit to the bear-park in Flå.

At Stavn Camping you can place your caravan or camper, put up your tent or rent a cabin in a breathtaking enviroment. In the near surroundings there are marked paths for walking, cycling possibilities and you can rent canoes for exploring the Hallingdalselva. The Hallingdalselva and the mountain lakes are excellent for fishing. In the near surroundings of Stavn are the two largest animalparks of Norway, Vassfaret Bjørnepark in Flå and EKT Langedrag in Nesbyen.

Stavn Camping is the perfect spot for you and your family.